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Level 18 Race of Man Warden
Level 6 Dwarf Rune-keeper
Profession1: Prosp/Farm: Prospector - T2 Journeyman
Prof2: For/Cook/Met/Weap: Cook - T1 Apprentice
Prof3: Tail/Wood/Jwl/Sch: Jeweller - T2 Journeyman
House: Thorin's Hall, NyrĂ dsby, 2 Low Street (Tingilwing)
GuildLaunch ID: Tingilwing
Reddit ID: Jeveran
Level 20 Dwarf Rune-keeper
Profession1: Prosp/Farm: Prospector
Prof2: For/Cook/Met/Weap: Cook
Prof3: Tail/Wood/Jwl/Sch: Jeweller
House: Falathlorn, Eithel Ivrin, 3 Haven Way
GuildLaunch ID: object404
Reddit ID: object404
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