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re: Guide for New Members

Hail and well met, new recruits!

The Reddit Army is the Withywindle kinship for members of, although we also welcome non-Redditors. Here are a few tips intended for players who are new to the game, but also some information that will be relevant to veteran players, so skim at your leisure.

Chat Channels

New members should join the following chat channels in-game:

    /joinchannel reddit
    /joinchannel globallff

The "reddit" channel is used to stay in touch with Redditors or kin members' alt characters who are in other kinships. Members are encouraged to talk in both this channel and the standard kin chat channel (although most conversation tends to occur in the "reddit" channel.)
"Globallff" is a user-made, server-wide LFF (Looking For Fellowship) channel, unlike the regional LFF channels which can only be seen by players in one area.
If you have joined one or both of these channels, type

    /1 <yourmessage>
    /2 <yourmessage>

to post in them. Most people find it helpful to organise separate tabs and colour code individual channels (configurable under Options > Chat Options).


Our kin house can be found at 5 Long Street, Rosswold, Bree-Land Homestead. The Bree-Land Homestead can be reached by leaving Bree through the South Gate and following the road south-east until you spot the housing broker. You can also teleport instantly to the house by using the fast travel skill which should be automatically added to your skill bar when you join the kinship (or found in the skill list, press K). Fast travel requires travelling rations which can be purchased for 2 silver from most grocers, supppliers, provisioners, etc.

The other homesteads are found over the bridge to the east of Duillond in Ered Luin (Falathlorn Homestead), south-west of Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin (Thorin's Hall Homestead) and south-east of Michel Delving in The Shire (Shire Homesteads). Each homestead has it's own unique architectural style and scenic views. Standard houses cost around 1 gold and deluxe houses cost around 7 gold (+ weekly upkeep).

Kin Chests

Home-owners can buy chests for storing unbound items. Our kin house contains three chests that are open to all members, and contain various useful items such as potions, food and clothes. Cosmetic items can be equipped by dragging the item to the corresponding slot in the cosmetic outfit screen (press C to bring up the character window, then click on the Cosmetic Outfits tab). Cosmetic items will then remain cosmetically equipped even if they're no longer in your bag, so please remember to return them to the chest before you leave. To try on an item without equipping it, Ctrl-Click it (leave the wardrobe window open to try on multiple items at once).

Some of our members have generously donated their personal house chests for use by the kin. We currently use them to store crafting recipes and materials, sorted by tier - a complete list of their locations can be found here. To request access to the higher tier chests, please post in the forum or contact an officer in-game.


Everyone who is new to the world of Middle-Earth wants to know: where do I get a horse? Your first horse can be purchased from Hengstacer Farm (north of Bree) for 500 silver. Free players will also have to buy the Riding Skill for 95TP from the LotRO store, while VIP players can gain the skill by completing a quest at Hengstacer Farm at level 20.

You will also receive a Wrapped Horse Whistle in a level 5 Gift Pack in the mail after completing the introduction quests. This whistle grants the use of a horse for 24 real-time hours, so use it wisely.

Cool-looking steeds with better stats can be bought from the LotRO store (very expensively), or won at festivals by trading in festival tokens.

War steeds are different from regular steeds and they are used in mounted combat. You will get one when you reach Rohan at level 75.

If you have any other questions, officers and other kin members are always happy to help in-game, so ask away! More useful information can also be found in the Game Guides forum section.

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re: introduction

hi there everyone
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re: Guide for New Members

Hey-o! :D

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